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Our clients recognize the crucial role of the monthly billing interaction in shaping the customer perception and brand loyalty. They have come to realize that the right approach around billing & invoicing results in an impeccable customer experience. Moreover, it delivers significant costsavings and improves operational efficiency. Get inspired by our success stories below and feel free to ask us about the details.


Vodafone Germany

In order to elevate and improve their enterprise customers’ overall experiences surrounding the monthly invoice, Vodafone had a strong wish to revitalize their existing online invoice portal into a state-of-the-art electronic bill presentment & analysis solution – EBOS (Enterprise Billing Online Solution). CALVI has been selected by Vodafone as the supplier to help them establish a future-proof solution that meets the demands of all their business customers – from SoHo to Multinational. Vodafone Netherlands and Vodafone Germany are the first Vodafone countries fully utilizing the entire CALVI Bill Presentment suite enhanced with TEM functionalities for their enterprise customers.



As one of the leading Dutch telecom providers, Vodafone recognized the need for an improved online invoice experience for their customers. CALVI was selected to supply a future-proof solution that exceeded all their customers’ expectations, and has been a trusted partner for several years. Our Electronic Bill Presentment solution has enabled their customers to gain insight into all their telecom expenditures, as well as giving them the tools to analyze, validate and compose detailed reports within the portal. Vodafone was one of the first providers to fully implement the CALVI Bill Presentment solution, which most of their enterprise customers use today. Due to the recent merger with Ziggo and our strong relationship with Vodafone, we’re working towards making our solution available for Ziggo customers as well.



As the Dutch incumbent provider of all telecommunication services, KPN has a formidable reputation to maintain as a strategic business partner for national- and multinational businesses from the Netherlands. We are proud to say that, over the years, CALVI and KPN have developed a strong partnership that is driven by one mutual objective: to provide a clear and transparent invoice to every individual customer – from Soho to Multinational. With this goal in mind, CALVI’s Online Bill Presentment, converged billing and expense management solutions have proven itself over the years as an essential component in the business relationship between KPN and its business customers.





Making things simple is the hardest thing to do, but when done correctly, delivers the greatest rewards. Tele2 positions their partnership with CALVI as a powerful and strategic alliance that strengthens the customer relationship in a way that goes above and beyond the delivery of a software suite. Over the last few years, CALVI has been trusted by Tele2 to take full responsibility for the complete customer experience surrounding Billing & Invoicing. We focus on an extensive range of challenges such as the special demands of high-value customers, reduction of invoice-related inquiries, lifting the online ‘Customer Experience’ and eliminating existing legacy constraints.



Atos offers complex voice services to large corporate customers (i.e. Lindegas Benelux, Deutsche Bank, DSM, Siemens AG, BBC). For many years, Atos struggled with a legacy of systems, proprietary and specialized applications that were required to support and deliver their (invoice and expense management) services. All these legacy-related challenges soon became history after the implementation of the CALVI Asset Management platform, which effectively standardized the process flows of the Atos telecommunication department. Additionally, CALVI was selected as Atos’ global TEM provider in 2013. Resulting in a present track record of the CALVI suite with respect to significant cost savings, process automation and procurement reinforcement in more than 14 Atos OpCos.



As a broadband-only supplier, British Telecom strategically aims to join forces with large multinational mobile telecommunication providers to deliver their “combined services” to large (multinational) organizations. During our partnership with BT, we have recognized that these combined services often heavily impact the complexity of Billing & Invoicing. Disclosing a huge gap between the abilities of the BSS systems of the Telecom provider and the financial needs and expectations of the customer. Over the last few years, we have come across a large variety of challenges associated with billing and invoicing of such combined services to multinational organizations. CALVI has proven itself as a strong business partner to address these challenges. We have realized to turn an often-negative customer touchpoint (the invoice) into a strong competitive advantage that differentiates BT in the international market.