Calvi vip billing

Meeting all demands

3 step approach

Customer-specific demands

We know your customers. And their demands.

We understand that your high-value customers require personalized attention and that pricing agreements are not uncommon.
This interaction leads to manual intervention efforts and costly billing & reporting processes. 


What if we told you that we have a solution with which you could meet the demands of your VIP customers, and take the worry out of such custom requirements. With our VIP Billing Solution, we ensure that you can meet all specific demands, without needing to replace your existing systems.

We enable you to respond quickly to the demands of these high-value customers, such as governments or multinationals. Ultimately, it makes you feel comfortable to say ‘YES’ to the requirements in high-value tenders.

Increase customer loyalty

We love exceeding expectations

We have a proven track record in retaining high-value customers and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. We go beyond our software and aim to exceed the expectations of our customers. With our help as a
strategic partner, you can meet the exact needs of your high-value customers; from custom pricing plans to tailor-made TEM reports.


In today’s world, lasting business relationships are harder to find than ever before. Consumers have become more connected, distracted and informed, which makes for a razor-thin margin for error. Treating your customers well and making sure that you have the answers to their questions is what it is all about.

With our VIP Billing solution, you will never have to worry about not meeting their demands; you will be able to say ‘yes’ to all demands and have all the answers to their questions. We help you improve customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty.  

Eliminate costs

Decreasing errors and costs

Our VIP Billing Solution eliminates manual intervention and several other error-prone billing and reporting processes, which are often in place to comply with customer-specific demands. Besides decreasing errors, our solution is also cost-efficient.


With our flexible corporate billing engine, we automate these processes and limit the internal operational workload. Years of working with large corporate customers have provided us with in-depth experience.

The CALVI VIP Billing Solution consists of all proven features and functionalities found in CALVI Insight, strengthened with our billing engine and personalized for your high-value VIP customers. Get comfortable saying ‘YES’ to your customers and let us be your strategic partner in business.