Calvi EBP

The road to a clear invoice

3 step approach


Key for a strong relationship

At CALVI, we believe in the power of communication. Clear and consistent communication is key for forming strong relationships with your customers.


Our solution is designed to put your customers at the heart of your organization. After years of continuous development and research, we have turned our dreams into reality and created the ultimate self-service portal for your customers. We promise to provide you with an out-of-the-box solution that fits all your customers’ needs. The first and most important step in the digital invoice journey is to notify your customer that their invoice is available. We inform the user with accurate information and, more importantly, explain any changes to their invoice compared to the previous invoice. Additionally, we enable them to pay their bill instantly and, if needed, allow them to go directly to the portal.

Being the first invoice-related digital touchpoint between you and your customer, we ensure a consistent and personalized customer experience throughout the true digital invoice journey. Additionally, we also take care of the first ever communication between you and your customer. We notify them that their invoice can be expected shortly and help them navigate through their first invoice. By doing so, we avoid bill shocks and create a feeling of safety and trust. Imagine the time and effort you can save by letting us take care of all digital communication surrounding your invoice. We can help you with all aspects surrounding the invoice and the communication thereof, and can assist you in taking your customers on the true digital invoice journey.


Start thinking smart

At CALVI, we understand that everyone is different. This entails that your approach cannot be one-sided. We believe in personalized communication and we strive to adapt our portal accordingly.


Based on the behavior and the specific information needs of your customers, we can ensure a customized portal for every customer. We are continuously challenging ourselves to exceed expectations, which has resulted in an ever-growing number of portal possibilities.  Even so, we believe in the concept of less is more, meaning that we will only include functionalities when a customer needs them. Our smart matrix is designed to ‘know’ what a customer needs and will anticipate on this. The smart matrix learns to understand the behavior of users and consequently learns to adapt its own behavior to a users’ needs. In other words: we offer you one solution that provides you with endless possibilities and connects with the needs of every customer.


We understand that your customers do not have the time to sift through masses of data. Instead, we help them find the answer to their questions. The smart matrix is programmed and designed to ‘feel’ what the user wants and assists them in finding their answer within 3 clicks. Besides this, we offer one converged portal for all your products & services; be it mobile, fixed or anything else. We believe that easy access and navigation is one of the key components of a good relationship with your customer. 



Digitize your world!

Output management is the addition to CALVI Insight that takes the true digital invoice journey to the next level. As a result of this integration, we are able to deliver the output in the type of format your customers prefer.


We offer a solution that fulfills the individual needs of all your customers by putting them in the drivers’ seat: we enable them to receive the output they seek, in the format they prefer, while still being a fully automated process. We provide seamless integration with not only your Business Support Systems (BSS) but also with your customers’ preferred output services, such as PEPPOL, Dropbox, Google Drive, Exact, SAP (financial) and email for example. 


By adding Output Management to our solution, we are welcoming you to the true digital world. It speeds up internal processes, reduces process costs for your customer and increases customer satisfaction, as it simplifies invoice handling by eliminating manual intervention. With the elimination of manual intervention, there will be less room for errors. Everything your customers need can be found online and we enable them to act faster than ever before.


And this is
how we do it

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