Vodafone Germany and CALVI: partners for the future!

26 September 2016 Daniël Heuvelman

Düsseldorf, Germany, Monday 26 September 2016 - CALVI has been selected as the premium bill presentment and telecom expense management (TEM) solution provider for Vodafone Germany’s entire enterprise customer base.

CALVI’s bill presentment platform “CALVI Insight” has enabled Vodafone to increase the transparency and personalisation of their billing and invoicing, while delivering easy-to-use TEM and billing analytics capabilities, suitable for enterprise customers of all sizes.

After a successful pilot launch Vodafone will now open up CALVI's platform “Insight” to all of its local enterprise customers. The broad deployment across all enterprise customers will help Vodafone Germany to strengthen its focus on delivering industry-leading customer experience to all its customers.

Commenting on the expansion, Frederic Vanoosthuyze, Vodafone Germany’s CIO, said:
"The CALVI platform supports our goals in reinventing our billing & invoicing and delivering a seamless multi-channel customer experience. It has already proven its worth with our largest accounts. We believe that by opening it up to all of our business customers, Vodafone will achieve even greater results in delivering and sustaining a world-class, flexible way of presenting invoices."

Driven by their customers’ demands and their mission to be the best strategic communication partner for the German business market and the public sector, Vodafone Germany required a bill presentment and billing intelligence platform that can support the customers’ needs over the years to come.

Leo van der Heijden, CEO at CALVI Group, added:
"We feel privileged to have been selected by Vodafone. It was a fair and competitive selection process. Our primary focus has always been to strengthen the business relationships between service providers and their business customers. We provide our customers more than just software; we’ve packaged “CALVI Insight” with a proven market approach and a team of devoted experts. Being chosen shows that Vodafone Germany has recognized our commitment as a strategic partner, and that CALVI brings more to the table than a state-of-the-art bill presentment and TEM platform. We're excited to be part of Vodafone Germany’s strategy to remain number one in delivering the best-in-class customer experience."

CALVI’s platform allows for the realisation of instant improvements to the customer billing experience and impressive bottom-line savings by means of CALVI’s light-touch integration capabilities with the core billing systems. CALVI uses Vodafone’s existing billing data, intelligently sorts it and enhances it with information that comes from the enterprise customers’ own systems. It then displays the information and reports in easily understood formats, which each end-customer can choose themselves. This makes the “CALVI Insight” platform flexible and suitable for any type of CSP and enterprise end-customer.

About CALVI:
As global experts in the field of converged billing, personalised invoicing, bill presentment and expense management (TEM), CALVI takes responsibility for the complete user experience of Billing & Invoicing. They offer one platform that delivers Telcos a next-gen interactive dashboard and a pioneering personalised approach to invoicing, alerting, reporting and TEM. Founded in 2001, initially as an independent branch of a TEM consultancy firm, Calvi operates its innovative operations from its headquarters - a 13th century castle - not far from the High Tech Campus Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands. For more information, please visit: www.calvi-insight.com


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