Inspirational days at the CEM in Telecoms Global Summit

3 July 2017 Daniël Heuvelman

As main sponsor and participant at this yearly recurring event in London, we have enjoyed the inspirational presentations from world’s leading telecom operators. It is great to see how over 300 attendees from 60 countries share their experiences, knowledge and vision when it comes to customer experience. We got into interesting conversations with many of them and together have planned the first steps to help them increase their customers’ experience when it comes to the monthly invoice.

We have been able to share our vision on the digital invoice and have revealed some of our roadmap items. We are glad to see that telecom operators are starting to acknowledge the value of the only recurring contact moment as a powerful gateway to all related (operational) processes. However, they also tell and show us that this by far is not yet being fully utilised. It also once again showed that CALVI's focus area is getting increasingly important due to the crucial role that the invoice plays in the digital transformation process.


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