Blog: Digital invoicing, the road to happy customers

3 July 2017 Leo van der Heijden

Have you ever counted the number of invoices that you need to deal with every month? The sheer volume of invoices alone is challenging to keep track of, but trying to verify every detail on every invoice is time-consuming and almost impossible. The complexity of the information results in a lack of transparency, high costs of invoice processing and endless frustration.

Staying in control is nearly impossible

Telcos and other service providers include product codes, contract numbers and many other details on their invoice. However, this information is difficult to connect with actual services or products purchased. Changes in contracts are also hard to detect amidst the vast amount of (unnecessary) information. This makes it difficult for your customers to determine if they have purchased the right products that match their requirements or if they should adapt their services to better match their needs.

IT or telecommunication services eat into the available budget, and we see that, as business demands increase, so does the IT spending. To the irritation and frustration of many managers, it is almost impossible to stay in control of their budget. 

One source, various information needs

The traditional invoice comes with more disadvantages than just not being in control. The HR manager might want to know if someone has been calling abroad for business or leisure. The accountancy department needs to assure that the right costs are allocated to the right cost centres. Procurement wants to validate the invoice costs. And they all have to find their answers within an overload of scattered information.

The way forward

The best way to ensure that customers regain insight into their products and services, to verify invoices and speed up the internal processes, is by providing them with a true digital invoice journey. This allows customers to quickly check and process the details and consequently accelerate the payment process.

CALVI’s true digital invoice grants customers access to the invoice matrix to verify any details or abnormalities. This invoice matrix combines the details from different sources, various services, or even different departments and partners.

Benefits along the invoice journey

There are many advantages customers will benefit from along their digital invoice journey.

It starts with receiving an email containing basic information and highlights about the invoice(s). The email displays the amount due and provides information that may require their attention, such as excessive usage or newly added purchases. By clicking on any topic, the relevant information through the all-in-one dashboard is available.

Customers can access any information directly and find answers to their questions without the need to contact a service desk. Our 3-click approach ensures that most answers are found within a maximum of 3 clicks. 

Email Invoice Overview Notification

Click to see the full email example

The last phase is connecting directly to your customer’s financial and/or administrative systems. Customers are able to choose how and when they want what kind of information to be automatically transferred. From the invoice to detailed reports, the desired information can be received in the customers’ preferred format. This eliminates the manual effort and thus drastically reduces both processing time and the risk of errors. 

Time to make the step

The benefits are endless and the cost savings are enormous. Your customers are entitled to a clear and transparent invoice. Start increasing trust and start making your customers happy. At the end of the road, you are the one who reaps the benefits. 


Make the step

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