Blog: A Day of Firsts: Castles, Co-workers and Personalized Solutions

12 September 2017 Jana van Dam

Ahead of me, I see cars moving at a snail’s pace. I smile: I will not be joining them today. The highway exit crosses my line of sight and I know that the rest of my 30-minute journey will be peaceful yet entertaining in many ways. It takes mere seconds to forget the frantic driving of those in a rush to get to their offices and the Dutch countryside calms my nerves. Nerves? Yes; this will be my first workday at CALVI as an Online Marketing Analyst.

A streamlined organization in a magnificent historical building

Turning onto a narrower road, I know that the castle in which CALVI resides is not much further from here. This road is not made for heavy traffic and is sheltered by large trees on either side. A small sign on the side of the road shows the way to Castle Nederhemert: CALVI Headquarters. The historic castle is a sight for sore eyes: authentic and standing tall, unaffected by time. Passing through the iron gates, I park the car in the castle grounds and walk up to the large wooden door. As expected, it creaks as I open it. Behind the door, a winding staircase takes me up two floors to the reception area. But where is the expected hustle and bustle, I wonder?

At CALVI, there are no stressed-out people running around while performing several tasks at the same time. Instead, I find hardworking and very passionate individuals focusing on their task at hand. Every individual is part of something bigger here, everyone is working towards the same goal: to help CALVI maintain its position as the global pioneer and leading authority in the field of Bill Presentment, Expense Management and Billing.

The working environment is something that cannot be ignored: offices, meeting rooms and social areas are spread throughout the rooms the castle has to offer. It is obvious that details and design are important at the CALVI headquarters, because every room is decorated in a style that portrays the team occupying it. Every corner of the castle radiates warmth, friendliness and professionalism all at once.

Just off the hectic motorway, CALVI has found a place where people can work in a peaceful and inspirational environment. The working environment allows people to do what they do best: providing clear invoices.  

Background: why I chose CALVI

Allow me to tell you something about my reasons for wanting to work at CALVI, other than the abovementioned atmosphere and location. The first time I met part of the Sales & Marketing team was during my job interview. What surprised me was that I felt comfortable from the very start. I did not know what to expect: would they expect me to know everything about CALVI or would they ask questions concerning my understanding of the software?

Little did I know that I would end up having a three-hour conversation with several people, with subjects ranging from personal achievements to my possible future responsibilities at CALVI. I have never felt as comfortable in a business environment as I did that day. The comfortable feeling, the friendly and motivating atmosphere within the team and the opportunity to grow and thrive at CALVI were what drove me to make my final decision before I had even left: I wanted to work here. 

And so my story begins…

Today, my first week at CALVI has come to an end. My head is spinning from all the new knowledge and impressions that have left their marks, but I have never felt so good. It feels good to be challenged to learn about everything CALVI has to offer. The coming weeks I will focus on gaining a better understanding of CALVI and its daily dealings, but I am certain that every piece of the puzzle will fall into place sooner rather than later. I am happy to be a part of the motivated, hardworking and passionate Marketing & Sales team, and am looking forward to expanding my knowledge.


What we do and how we do it

CALVI was founded more than two decades ago. We like to stay one step ahead and focus on the present as well as on the future. At CALVI, we envisage a world in which the complexity of B2B billing and invoicing is history. We believe that all customers, no matter how big or small, are entitled to a clear invoice. Through continuous and extensive research and R&D investments, we strive to provide a future-proof software solution.

We believe in interactive teamwork and respectful relationships. We pride ourselves in our ability to build and maintain long-term business relationships and operate from an inspirational working environment. Our international expertise is the foundation for providing you with an excellent and personalized solution. Want to know more about who we are, what we do and how we do it? Read more about us on this page


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