Blog: Please, Mister Postman

26 April 2017 Leo van der Heijden, CEO

In 1963 the Beatles released their famous cover “Please Mister Postman”. As so often with songs, the theme is related to love. A, presumably, young man waiting to hear from his girl. So much has changed since that time, now fewer and fewer people check their letterbox for that all-important letter.

Let’s be honest, for much of the world, letters are no longer the main form of communication. The internet has largely become our source of information, through news sites, email, tweets, blogs and communities like Google, Facebook or other types of social media.

In many areas in the world, it is no longer the postman who connects us to our friends, family or business. There are more than 200 major social media sites active worldwide. Together they are connecting billions of people. Digital communication has taken over because it is quicker, easier to produce and easy to send.

I want a true digital invoice, not just a PDF!

We generate information that is being used by others. Information in the form of data is available and collected from various sources. The thing to do is to use and combine this data and create useful information. Paper is becoming a nuisance; you only have one copy, it needs to be stored or scanned, the production and postage are costly, and it is time-consuming. Al these issues constitute the main reasons why companies send their invoices as a PDF file.

Perhaps, for some, this is already a huge step in digitising the invoicing process. But it is still a far cry from a true digital invoice. The PDF is as static and limited as the traditional paper invoice, whereas a true digital invoice provides all related and available information. The digital invoice combines all this available data and presents it in a way that is understandable and easy to use.

Time to move on

Fortunately, there is a growing awareness that invoicing is more than sending a bill. The invoice provides information about; purchases, contracts, services, costs and much more.

At CALVI, we know that a bill presentment solution can provide service providers, suppliers and their customers with valuable management information. It is not only much cheaper, but it also leads to:

  • significantly increased customer satisfaction,
  • reduced queries about bills,
  • faster payments,
  • increased revenue.

We are ready to help you take your business to the next level and ensure that your customer's experience in receiving an invoice becomes a positive one.  The invoice is often the only monthly recurring contact you have, so make the most of this!

We have already seen the limitations of the postman or the paper invoice. Now let’s see the limitations of the traditional PDF invoice and move on and provide your customers with valuable information by means of a “True Digital Invoice”!


In our next publication, we will elaborate more on the financial benefits of the digital invoice versus the traditional paper or PDF invoice.


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