Blog: How Telcos can win the digital transformation game

26 February 2018 Leo van der Heijden

Have you ever played a game of Risk, in which your opponents kept pushing you back and making you lose ground? In that same game, did you ever realize that employing a new strategy might just be the key to conquering the world? Conquering the world may sound like an extravagantly complicated plan, but let’s be honest: it’s what every one of us can’t help but dream of. The same goes for Telco’s, so why wouldn’t you take the chance?

Bridging the gap between the old & the new

Telcos, like many companies, are facing a challenge that has been building for years: digitalization. Digital disruption has been making its way through the telecom industry, and it does not show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. If anything, it will just continue accelerating and pushing for innovation and adaption to the new global market environment. In this global marketplace, it is essential to keep up with other players in the industry, so why not lead the way through digitalization? Research has shown that customers’ preference for interaction with Telcos is rapidly shifting towards digital channels, from 45% in 2017 to 55% in the coming year. Allow us to tell you how your company can bridge the gap between the old & the new and move from traditional invoicing to the true digital invoice journey.  

Your time is now!

Digitalizing the customer journey is the starting point of the digital transformation process.  Telcos are at the heart of the evolving digital economy; telecommunications drive and enable customer demands, as well as being the interconnecting factor between different industries. However, it is implied that Telcos have lost touch with their customers because many are said to have not seen any revolutionary changes since the early days of the mobile network. Research was conducted to investigate the average NPS (NPS measures customer loyalty & satisfaction) of 48 Telcos. The result was shocking and the dissatisfaction clear: 27 out of 48 Telcos have zero or negative NPS. Even those that scored above zero received low positive scores.


Source: Capgemini Consulting

What is causing Telcos to receive such low NPS results? One of the key problems for Telcos is that they are not keeping pace with fast-changing customer demands and expectations. Customers are no longer looking for physical touchpoints; they would rather gather their information online and take their time to reach their own conclusions. What’s more, is that 76% of telecom customers (of all ages) are satisfied with digital-only journeys today.

The level of digitalization, the overall NPS results and the preference for digital-only journeys expressed by telecom customers are interconnected. It has been shown that there is a direct link between increased customer satisfaction and the level of digitalization in the customer journey. The more digital the journey; the higher the customer satisfaction. At CALVI, we can provide you with the tools to boost your NPS and instantly increase customer satisfaction. Let’s take your customers on the true digital invoice journey!

Below, a research conducted by McKinsey & Company shows the level of digitalization compared to the overall customer satisfaction, which supports the claims made above:

“Mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it, to see a better world.” 

One of the biggest challenges a Telco will face is the change of mindset. The current mindset of ‘Yes, but…’ is keeping many companies, not only Telcos, from making the move towards complete digitalization. Of course, the road to digitalization is more than just the implementation of a new system, but it is critical to keep moving forward in this digital era.

Telcos often have large amounts of legacy systems in place that are weighing them down and keeping them from reaching their full digital potential. However, it is imperative to get on board with digitalization as fast as possible. The true digital invoice journey has never been as important as it is now. Act fast and become the Telco that disrupts the status quo! Want to know more about how we can help you achieve your goals? Get in touch and we would love to share our best practices with you!



We believe in a world where all customers, no matter how big or small, receive clear and transparent invoices. We are motivated, hardworking and innovative perfectionists. We do what we love, and we love what we do. We innovate and develop our solution with passion and aim to share said passion with the world as we continue to expand our reach.

At CALVI, we are dedicated to delivering a best-in-class solution. Our extensive international expertise allows us to provide you with a solution that fits the needs of all your customers, no matter their size or location. We help you develop relationships that make a positive difference in your customers’ lives. Our dreams and ideas are continuously evolving, and we aim to never stop reaching for the stars. We believe that everyone is entitled to a clear invoice.   



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