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Blog: How Telcos can win the digital transformation game

Conquering the world may sound like an extravagantly complicated plan, but let’s be honest: it’s what every one of us can’t help but dream of. Let’s take your customers on the true digital invoice journey!

26 February 2018 Read more

Blog: A Day of Firsts: Castles, Co-workers and Personalized Solutions

Passing through the iron gates, I park the car in the castle grounds, walk up to the large wooden door and take the first step into my new workplace: CALVI Headquarters... 

12 September 2017 Read more

Blog: Digital invoicing, the road to happy customers

Have you ever counted the number of invoices that you need to deal with every month? The sheer volume of invoices alone is challenging to keep track of...

3 July 2017 Read more

Blog: Cost reduction at hand!

If I say “invoice”, almost everyone knows what I mean. However, when explaining what an invoice is, the definition becomes ambiguous ...

16 June 2017 Read more

Blog: Please, Mister Postman

In 1963 the Beatles released their famous cover “Please Mister Postman”. As so often with songs, the theme is related to love. A, presumably, young man waiting to hear from his girl. So much has changed since...

26 April 2017 Read more