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Blog: Digital invoicing, the road to happy customers

Have you ever counted the number of invoices that you need to deal with every month? The sheer volume of invoices alone is challenging to keep track of...

07 juli 2017 Read more

Blog: Cost reduction at hand!

If I say “invoice”, almost everyone knows what I mean. However, when explaining what an invoice is, the definition becomes ambiguous ...

16 juni 2017 Read more
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In honour of Henk van Hoof

With much sadness, we have taken notice of the passing away of our beloved colleague and friend Henk van Hoof. Henk has meant a lot for us, both personally and to our business...

09 mei 2017 Read more

Extended partnership between Calvi and Tilburg University

We are happy to announce that we have extended our successful partnership, ensuring that we align with the latest scientific findings and stay ahead of the competition...

09 mei 2017 Read more

Blog: Please, Mister Postman

In 1963 the Beatles released their famous cover “Please Mister Postman”. As so often with songs, the theme is related to love. A, presumably, young man waiting to hear from his girl. So much has changed since...

26 april 2017 Read more

Video: The people behind the brand

Welcome! We invite you to take a look behind the scenes in our 13th-century headquarters, which forms the breeding ground of our innovative bill presentment solutions...

20 april 2017 Read more